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About Sky

While the vast majority of residents in the UK and Ireland are quite familiar with Sky media services, few are aware of just how interesting the company is as a whole. Here, we will delve into the core foundation of Sky media services in order to better understand Sky in its entirety and what an important role it plays for the citizens of the UK and Ireland in terms of the services it provides to its customers.

To begin, Sky is the UK and Ireland’s largest and fastest-growing home communications service provider. The company boasts the linking together of millions of their customers with TV, broadband and telephone services. In fact, Sky provides services for 40.3 million paid-for customer subscription products and 12.4m customers of families, which of course grants them all an increasingly better choice selection of TV, broadband and telephone services to enjoy on their own terms, whether they find themselves at home or on the go, or even watching live broadcasts or on demand. The options with Sky truly are limitless!

Sky additionally owns and operates the UK and Ireland’s biggest portfolio of pay TV channels of which expands entertainment, sports, movies and even 24-hour news broadcasts networks. Sky Sports even boasts seven channels that broadcast an extensive array of both live and exclusive sports, and news and analysis shows, with sports that range from football and golf to tennis and cricket. Easily the most sport action from any service provider. Not to mention the fact that Sky also offers four different main entertainment channels: Sky 1,Sky Living, Sky Atlantic and Sky Arts. With such channels that boast only the finest UK-commissioned content, and even the best of the United States! Sky even offers their customers the largest in-home movie service by way of their Sky Cinema. Granting their customers, a free range of access to over 800 feature film titles from all major independent distributors and major Hollywood studios. And with regards to staying current on current events and breaking news stories, Sky News expands over 107 million homes on multiple platforms across 118 countries.

Sky additionally operates a large number of various businesses of which are adjacent sectors and draw upon the core strengths of the company in terms of its content, innovation and most importantly, their customers. One of which is that of Sky Media provides the advertising aspect of Sky, while additionally providing an extensive array of various opportunities on television, online and even on the go on channels that reach approximately 50 million people on average in the UK and Ireland each and every week. Here is the telephone number for Sky tv if you want to know more about the latest offers.

If you are ready to get signed up for Sky services, or are simply seeking to learn more about Sky, be sure to simply log on to the Sky website, where you can easily locate all of the information you may be seeking. If you are wanting to sign up for new services, hover your mouse over the “Shop” icon. Once you are there, you can quickly and easily select whatever you are seeking to sign up for and can even compare the different broadband services and even bundles. Next, simply proceed to book a date and time to meet with a Sky technician at a time that is best compatible for your schedule. And finally, you are all set up to start enjoying you new Sky services!